About Me

I am unlearning what I have learned. In that process, I have discovered a world that is open to any possibility that I can create. My journey has been one of transformation from narrowness to openness, from depression to joy, from resentment to forgiveness. I have not arrived at my destination. Each day I practice gratitude and I seek higher. 

I am a factotum, a person having many diverse activities or responsibilities. I am a ghost blogger, social media junkie, writer, editor, chairman, volunteer, teacher, mentor, negotiator, Boy Scout, energy healer, and last but not least, mom.

I have one of those brains that is equally creative and analytical. I can easily switch from taking an analytical view to emotionally connecting with people. I quickly adapt to different situations because I access either the expressive emotional side or the rational intellectual side when required. I am discerning, perceptive, considerate and intuitive.

My Philosophy

I believe in practicing patience with people as they walk their own path. I believe in teaching and encouraging on their journey. I do not have all the answers. I practice being open to new possibilities.   

Factotum - a person who does many jobs

unlearn what you have learned